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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For those who are unfamiliar with Majolica Majorca, the brand is a sister brand of Shiseido and they their purpose is to reach out to their other audience, which is, as you may have guessed: younger females. Majolica Majorca has strived to infuse 'magic' and 'fantasy' into their concept to portray a dreamlike world. Try imagining yourself getting caught up in a reverie where everything is radiant and alluring. Or unicorns, yea unicorns will do the trick too. If you have succeeded into channeling the image into the feeling, then you're there! That's exactly the feeling Majolica Majorca wishes to awaken in the heart of every younger female. 
I've always find their concept and products refined and a treat to my eyes but so far I've only tried out their Cheek Customize Blush. To cut it short, it's my HG blush. If I have the chance to, I wish to try more products from Majolica Majorca because the brand seems promising. 
For their autumn concept, they were inspired by Alice In The Wonderland and added their own twist to it. The two central colors: Black and red strengthened the concept and it more it darker and mysterious. Think of the Queen of Hearts, she was no darling now was she? As for this concept, I would like to perceive it as the 'Asian' version of Alice In The Wonderland haha. 

Here we have the Majolica Majorca 'The Little Humming Book III'. Apparently there are 3 versions of this make up palette and this happens to be the one to represent the season Autumn. All 3 palette brings forth different colors to indicate the seasonal changes. 

Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails (Speedy & Glossy) in GY971. This is pretty much self explanatory. 

Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails (Speedy & Glossy) in RS272.

Here we have distinctive nail stickers called Majolica Majorca Nail Costume 1. On the days where you don't have the time or mood to adorn your nails, just take these babies out!  The patterns on the nail stickers reminds me of a cafe interior that is solely designed to suit the taste of the 'princesses'. Delicate and elegant.   

Majolica Majorca Nail Costume 2. The spotlight of this set are on the different textures. Alphabets are also included here and I think it's pretty funny. If I had this set, I would probably spell out my name on my nails. (Even though it's ridiculously long) So if people ask me: "What's your name?" I would just raise my hands and show my nails to them. Or better yet, I will put "Yes" and "No" on my nails. Instead of answering back to questions, I will show my nails!   

Majolica Majorca Nail Costume 3. For a more simplistic look, your best bet would be on this set. 

Last but not least, here we have Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister F. I've heard a lot of their Lash Expander mascara's, apparently it's selling really well in Asia. I am unsure if I will ever try mascara's from Asia because if it turns out to blow my mind, I would find it a hassle to repurchase the product every 3 months and still wait for it. 
The only reason that would make me eager to try out an asian brand mascara is probably if the product works insanely well and if the packaging is to die for.  
So we're nearing toward the end of the collection, but hold on! Not just yet, because there's a final surprise here. For their Autumn collection, they made a promotional video to describe their concept in motion. If you are interested to watch it, I added the video down below! 

What are your views on Majolica Majorca Fantastic Fantasy Collection

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