Saturday, November 28, 2015

About a week or two ago, I was contacted by Marie-Anne from WishTrend and she asked me if I was interested in reviewing "I'm From" Honey Mask. At first it caught me off surprise because I didn't participated in any review opportunity events, but at the same time I was excited because the weather is getting really cold in Seoul and sometimes I wake up with dry patches on my skin even if I smack tons of moisturizing products on my face. Perhaps the I'm From Honey Mask could be the answer to keeping my skin moisturized throughout the night.

According to WishTrend, the I'm From Honey Mask contains 38.7% real herbal honey, weighs 120 gram and is directly provided from Jiri Weri- Peyung Village in Korea. Words to describe this wash-off mask is: remove dead skin cells, provide nutritions, moisturizing effect, elastic skin texture, lively skin and herbal ingredient. Link to the product: I'm From Honey Mask

WARNING: Do not store the product in cold places or in the fridge! 

❝ REVIEW: I'm From Honey Mask 

✧ Color
The I'm From Honey Mask has a honey amber brown-ish color. 
✧ Texture
The product has a thick consistency, which is a good thing in my opinion since winter is approaching and I need all the moisturizing help I can get. When I first scooped the product out of the tiny jar (with the provided spatula) and applied it on my face, I can feel that the product is slightly sticky and oily. It is not something I am familiar with, but the good thing is that you only need a little bit of the product to cover your whole face. 
✧ Formula
After washing my face, my skin feels softer and smoother overall. I also witnessed a "tightening" effect and was pleasantly surprised, but hey, I ain't complaining. Also, it could be a bit tricky to wash the product off since the texture is thicker than most original facial masks. But if you use lukewarm water you should be fine. 
✧ Scent
To be honest, I am not fond of the strong smell. It reminds me of buttery, caramel popcorn flavor a bit, but not exactly the same either. While testing this product, I left it on for very long so the smell bothered me even while I was doing other things. 
✧ Lasting power
You can leave this on your skin for minimal 10 minutes or maximal 60 minutes. I tested it out on my skin and left it on 60 minutes to see whether the product still remains moist on the skin. After 60 minutes, I can testify that the masks' consistency remained the same! 
✧ Packaging
The I'm From Honey Mask comes with a paper-type outer packaging. It comes with a monochrome black and white design with beehives pattern. The design of the jar has a logo printed on a paper and is wrapped around the jar.   
✧ Price
Normally it costs $37.90, but since Wishtrend is having Black Friday sale at the moment, the product now costs $21.98! Link: I'm From Honey Mask
✧ Final verdict: 4.5/5
This is my first time using a mask from a jar and spatula, but it is definitely a great first time experience. I was blown away at the moisturizing factor of the I'm From Honey Mask because even after leaving it on my face for 60 minutes long, the product's consistency remained the same. After washing my face, I experienced that the product leaves the skin soft and supple--the two major factors that I consider important for masks, especially for my skin in winter. 
Honestly, I don't really have anything big to complain about the product except for the strong scent. It just didn't work for me, and therefore I deducted 0.5 points. But don't worry, even though I dislike it, I read that there are other people who likes the smell. Either way, The I'm From Honey Mask is a great moisturizing and firming mask that contains 38.7% real herbal honey. I can definitely see myself continue to reach out for the mask during the cold winter days in Seoul. 
* Contains 38.7% real herbal honey 
* Moisturizing  
* Helps lift the skin (even if it's subtle) 
* Leaves the skin smooth and fresh 
* Can leave it for longer period on the skin (max. 60 minutes) 
* Only need a little of product to cover whole face 
* Spatula provided for hygiene purpose 
* Strong smell 
* Might be pricy for a mask 
* Only available online
Recommend? Yes/No?
A big yes! Not a huge yes, because people who are sensitive to smell might be bothered by the smell as well. But it differs for everyone, and even though I dislike the smell, I won't let that tiny setback stop me from using this mask since it is the sweet solution for the dryness that my skin experiences in the winter. 

Special shopping tip! If you are interested in purchasing the I'm From Honey Mask, and you're new to WishTrend, then you can simply use my invitation code: 043750712 to get $5 USD discount when you sign up. Also, I would advice to take an advantage of the Black Friday promotions at WishTrend, since the I'm From Honey Mask has 42% sale at the moment! The promotion lasts until 29th of November, so you still have plenty of time to do your shopping. ;)

P.S.: The I'm From Honey Mask is sponsored by WishTrend, however all opinions in this post are honest and mine. They are in no way influenced by WishTrend or WishTrend's PR/marketing team. 

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