What I Bought TODAY: La Bong Bowking Phone Case

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I was super thrilled to see La Bong Bowking Phone Case (Samsung Galaxy s3) arrived in my mail today. The shipping was insanely quick because I made the order yesterday, somewhere around 4 pm and I had it on my hand at 1 pm? I'm really pleased with the service and with the packaging! 

Max, the owner and creative designer behind her brand La Bong sent me extra goodies, honestly I was surprised because I did not expect it at all!  
La Bong does not only focus on phone cases, but also on clothes for male, female and children from age 4-11, totes and other accessories. The official description on facebook about La Bong goes as follow: "La Bong is a streetfashion brand Mr. Bowman is the designer and face of the brand." 
Here's a short story about how I was introduced to the brand La Bong. Max and I encountered each other at Mode Fabriek (Fashion Factory) in January. She was standing there with her brand and back then I was an intern at Mimi et Toi. (Jewelry brand) 
For 2 days, every brand was trying to promote and sell products from their collection. Max and I started talking after awhile and based on our conversations I can say that Max is really a super sweet, down to earth, creative, hardworking, chill girl with distinctive and refreshing thoughts. That day I also bought a sweater from La Bong with discount and till the day of today it's my favorite sweater to-go now because it's so comfy

 I'm so in love with all her designs, I actually wanted to buy another phone case with the text: "I had potential to be a chicken" but decided to wait out a bit since my top priority is to get myself a varsity jacket and save up for school fees + ticket to Korea next year! 

I can stare at Mr. Bowman the whole day, there's something innocent yet funny about him. And look at that balloon of Mr. Bowman that says "I'll Clap When I'm Impressed", ain't he the cutest thing ever?  
For others who are unfamiliar with the brand, here are some favorites that I picked out from La Bong. If you wish to check out more of La Bong collection, please click the link: http://www.labongstore.com 
Credits to: La Bong for all the pictures.  

La Bong I Saw Dali Jacket: http://www.labongstore.com/a-29503298/men/i-saw-dali-jacket/
La Bong Love Hate Jacket: http://www.labongstore.com/a-29503014/men/love-hate-jacket/
La Bong Mr Bowman Tee: http://www.labongstore.com/a-29446424/women/mr-bowman-tee/
La Bong Hate Love Tee: http://www.labongstore.com/a-29446169/women/hate-love-tee/
La Bong Egg Phone Case: http://www.labongstore.com/a-27843826/phonecovers/egg/

La Bong Bowking White Phone Case: http://www.labongstore.com/a-27837330/phonecovers/bowking-white/

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