Mizon King To The Kong Skincare Collection

Friday, August 30, 2013

Wait what, King To The Kong? Are we talking about King Kong here? As you may have guessed.. correct!

Mizon, a Korean brand that is a hype lately amongst the beauty bloggers has released a collection of skincare with King Kong as their mascot. From what we usually see, King Kong has a fierce, aggressive, manly image but I can assure you that this "King Kong" from Mizon is anything but that.

Now let us meet the witty, bubbly king of the jungle, King of Mizon, the one and only King Kong. With his pouty duck face, he is ready for his picture to be taken so he can show off his selca to the other animals in the jungle and perhaps even post it on Instagram.

The packaging of this skincare line is really amusing and it grabbed my heart straight away. I'm willing to try out the skincare line just for King Kong! After all, how can one resist such a charming mascot?

I'm tempted to try their toner and their creams. Also, the Mizon King To The Kong No. 1 King's Berry All In One Liquid Oil can be used as a shampoo too! Talk about a multifunctional product!

Now I've checked the prices for these products, they're slightly higher marked than most cosmetics/skincare line BUT there's a reason for this. These products are jumbo sized so that explains the reason behind it very well!

How do you feel about this skincare collection by Mizon? And are you willing to take the risk and try out their products or have you already? Let me know, I'm always interested to hear what you have to say! :)

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