What I Bought TODAY: La Bong #2

Sunday, September 1, 2013

It seems that lately I've caught the La Bong fever (it exists!) and let me tell you guys something, once you go La Bong, you'll never go back. This blogpost serves as proof.   
Just in case you might have missed my introduction and how I discovered La Bong, here's a link to it: What I Bought TODAY: La Bong Bowking Phone Case My previous order and my experience with online shopping at La Bong were both also mentioned in the blogpost.

The second order I made was placed on 30 august 2013, around 3 pm I believe. The order came around 1 pm on 31 august 2013, so I was very delighted and amazed again to see how quick the shipping was. I mean, we all know what a pain it can be if the shipping takes a fair amount of time to arrive. Right? Or maybe it's just me.  

When I opened my package, I was caught up by surprise because Mr. Bowman left me a greeting! And this was only the beginning of the many surprises that I got from Max, the owner and designer of La Bong. (I censored other parts of my name because I don't think it's relevant to this topic!) 

So, what did I order this time? Well, my second order is slightly bigger and more expensive than my first order. Total amount I spent was €104 for three items. In the end I could not resist the cute Egg Phone Case by La Bong and since it's also limited edition I thought: "What the heck? Why not?" (This is me ignoring my wallet..) 
The Peace Phone Case for iPhone 4/4S is a gift to a friend of mine and I hope he'll like it. If not, I'll be sure to whoop his arse. Since school is starting again and considering my love for varsity jackets and for Salvador Dali, I decided to get the I Saw Dali varsity jacket as well. 

Now here comes the second surprise, Max added a Boss Phone Case as a gift! I laughed from joy when I saw it, to the point where I even grabbed my brother and yelled: "LOOK WHAT MAX GAVE ME AS GIFT!

The third surprise happened when I opened another package that was wrapped in semi thick plastic. The "I Saw Dali" varsity jacket was a part of my order and as for the other piece.. Max actually gifted me the Bow sweater! I CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES?! WHY IS SHE SO SWEET?! AHHHH she's so sweet that my tooth is going to die from toothache! ♡ *LOL*  
The funny thing is that while the sweater was clearly right in front of my face, I didn't notice it until I took them out from the packaging. *facepalm self*  
So when it hit finally hit me that Max gave me an extra phone case and a sweater as gifts, many emotions flooded in. I was extremely happy, touched and very thankful to Max from the bottom of my heart. She even got the correct size for me! (I like my sweaters a bit loose and baggy)  
I still remember that my exact thoughts were: "I'm so blessed to have known Max and I'm immensely grateful to the universe for everything." At that moment I felt like a little girl all over again and when I saw what was laying in front of me, it felt like Christmas arrived early this year. ♡

As I am typing this out, a smile naturally appeared on my lips. I'm honestly still in awe at what happened! 
Side Note: I have to make it clear that Max told me that she would give me a free present on my next order (which is this order), but I didn't expect her to gift me two wonderful presents. ♡ Rather than thinking that I would receive something expensive, I thought that I would receive more stickers and other small goodies from La Bong. So you can see how genuinely surprised I was when I found out about the phone case and the sweater. 

If this blogpost piqued your curiosity about La Bong, you can find Max's contact information being revealed on the picture. The picture isn't at its best, I only discovered that while editing it so if it's too small or too blurry, you can google La Bong and the links will show up straight away.  
PS: Max is a really sweet and kind girl so if you face any problem while ordering or if you have any questions related to La Bong, I'm sure she'll help you out. You can also ask me if you have any questions and I'll try my best to answer them, but my answers will be limited. 
Final Chit-Chat: 
Next time I will be back with reviews and also a rare OOTD blogpost featuring the I Saw Dali varsity jacket & Bow sweater from La Bong. If you're not interested in KPOP, please skip the rest of the text because I'll be spazzing over three people.  
So as I was saying.. Guess who will be in Amsterdam at September & October?! Jay Park will be holding his first concert in Amsterdam on 25th September and Simon & Martina from EatYourKimchi will be holding a fan meeting in Amsterdam on 15th October! :) 
It's unbelievable how three people who are related to KPOP and Korea are coming to Amsterdam because people usually skip The Netherlands! Hurry up 25th September & 15th October, I'm ready for you! 

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