Etude House Pink Bird Box February 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hey guys, it's been a long time but I'm trying to be active again on blogger, YouTube and Instagram (though Instagram is my main focus right now). For those who don't know yet, I'm a Pink Bird member of Etude House as of January 2017. The review and unboxing of the first January Pink Bird box can be viewed here on my YouTube channel!

So, I received another package from Etude House and it’s the February Pink Bird box! I don’t want to spoil too much what I received this month, but I will give you guys a hint and the hint is: FUN. And no, it’s not the song from Spongebob Squarepants.

Aaaaaand yes, the answer is the Etude House Wonder Fun Park collection. So, who got it right? If you got it right, a huge applause for you. If you didn’t, then no sweat. There’s always a next box!

The name kind of gave it away, but this collection is inspired by amusement parks and it's really a fun collection just looking at the pastel colors. I'm not going to lie, I had huge expectations when I saw the promotional pictures.

Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter

The first product I want to start off with is the Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter. It’s a highlighter that is divided into 5 different colors and each shade comes with its own distinctive color, even when swatched but the yellow color is the only shade that differentiates itself from others.

This highlighter has a light and finely mild powdery texture. What I notice is that the colors are very subtle when swatched, so this won’t give you the “Oh, look at my face, I’m brighter than the sun kind of look.” Personally, I find the result a bit lacking because the highlighter vanished after I rub it with my finger, which indicates that the pigmentation is not superb. The effect of this highlighter is similar to when I would apply Korean/Asian bb cream that provides me with a healthy and dewy glow. With that said, I do know that most Korean/Asian highlighters are more focused on a natural glow, so perhaps Etude House was aiming for that as well.

There is also the highlighter brush that can be purchased separately and comes in rainbow colored bristles. My first impression is that the brush feels soft and light and it does not irritate my skin at all. When testing, I tried to swirl all the colors and apply it on my face but I felt that the brush has trouble picking up the product. With that said, it is still a beautiful pastel colored brush. I might just use it for my other highlighters to see whether it works better.

Wonder Fun Park Curl Fix Lash Perm Mascara

The second product is the Wonder Fun Park Curl Fix Lash Perm mascara. I received the color Pang Pang Purple and yes it’s really purple! This was actually my first time trying a crazy color other than black and brown mascara so I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone. When applying the Wonder Fun Park mascara, I had to apply several coats before I could see the purple showing up because of my dark eyelashes. It's definitely a beautiful shade, but I doubt that I would reach out to this product on a daily basis.

I actually have the original black mascara from Etude House in the same range and I just want to show you guys the comparison. As you can see above, the black mascara contains a different wand, and the Wonder Fun Park mascara is improved with a “C” wand. This new applicator is easier to use plus it does not clump my eyelashes. Both mascara area easy to remove with oil based makeup remover, I love the one from Nivea in particular. If you're seeking for a fun color to wear for cosplay/spring tutorial, then I would really recommend this product!

Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint #BL601 + #PK001 

And now onto the star of the collection that I’ve been eager to show. It’s the Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint in shade BL601 and PK001. Both products contains an incredible scent that reminds me of sour candy or in general a very sweet candy. Really, I wish I could let you guys smell it because it smells fantastic! Etude House categorized both shades under the "cool skin tone" category. This means that the colors of this range will flatter people with cooler skin tones.

BL601 is a milky pink color with a hint of lilac and fine pink glitters. It’s a very beautiful and not to mention a magical shade, but as my lips are quite pigmented I had to apply concealer to bring out the color. Otherwise it was just some gloss and pink glitters on my lips. I would really recommend BL601 to everyone despite that it falls under the cooler skin tones category. The reason is because it’s an unique color, plus it makes your lips sparkle with the glitters!

PK001 on the other hand is a hot red pink color and I find this more flattering for people with cool or paler skin tones. Initially I didn’t like this color that much because it's a bold shade, but after I tested it out while eating a meal, the color faded a bit and my lips were greeted with a softer, pink-ish shade as stain.

As for the texture, these products contain jelly consistency and it reminds me a lot of lip glosses. The color payoff is amazing, it’s pigmented, vibrant and eye-catching. However, it does take some time for the product to dry on the lips and I find that the texture is too glossy for my taste. So, what I do is, I use a napkin to transfer the excessive glossiness so the color would be more wearable for me. Other than that, they’re not drying on the lips and that is definitely a huge plus in my book.

What really surprised me was that they last long on the lips, about 6 hours on average I would say. I tested it out twice when I was eating lunch and dinner and while the gloss can transfer onto the cups, the color is still intact at the end of the day with a stain on the lips. Actually, I prefer the look after I had a meal because it leaves a beautiful stain and it just looks so much more natural.

Ending Note

Well, there ya have it! These are the products that were gifted by Etude House for the Pink Bird members. Despite that I did not purchase these products, everything I write here is honest and unbiased and is in no way altered or affected by Etude House. Thank you for reading! :)

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