Review: Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Well, well. Guess who is back into the blogging world? Yes, that's right. Moi! For today's post I'll be reviewing one of the brands that is quite a luxurious hype in South Korea, as well as on Instagram. It's none other than "Fresh", a brand that infuses pure, fresh ingredients and focuses on quality in all their products. For this review, I'll be reviewing their face cream, that goes by the name "Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream."

Since I am back in Netherlands right now, the only way to get my hands on this baby was to buy them at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. They were ranked #6 on the best selling list, #1 being their Soy Cleanser, which didn't came off as a surprise to me--as the cleanser is ranked #1 continuously on several sites. That leads me to my next question, what kind of miraculous product is it? If anyone used it before, let me know what you think of it.

Here's what the product description says:

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is a universal daily moisturizer proven to provide 24 hours of significant moisture. It is formulated with a proprietary Super 7 Complex* specifically designed to minimize and prevent visible signs of aging, deliver intense hydration, and boost radiance. It is further enriched with mama root extract, noted for enhancing luminosity.  
* Super 7 Complex is a hydrating and radiance boosting blend** of 7 super-charged ingredients that promote a youthful-looking complexion: Lotus flower extract, blue-green algae extract, hibiscus fruit extract, fig fruit extract, vitamins C and E, and vegetable glycerol.

A closer look at the texture of the product.

The real life sized product in my hand.


1. Packaging
The product comes in a transparent glass jar that shows the visible amount of product immediately and the upper part is covered in a plastic white lid that is easy to open and close. The only "downside" is that the cream doesn't come with a spatula, something that I do often find in Korean skincare products. 

2. Color & Scent 
This face cream contains a creamy color and has a subtle scent that somehow reminds me of cucumber. 

3. Texture
It is a lightweight moisturizer that doesn't feel greasy on the skin. When I first applied it on my skin, it felt like instantly melted and soaked into my skin immediately.

4. Formula 
Does the cream moisturizes my skin day and night as it claims to be? In my opinion, it is completely true and not a false advertising at all. It locks in the moisture, hydrates my skin and I like how it makes my skin feels silky smooth and supple even when I sleep on it. After using it for awhile now, I noticed that it keeps my face youthful, it lifts up the "saggy" part and gives my whole complexion a radiant boost. 

5. Price
I bought this for €45 at Galeries Lafayettes in Paris. 

Final Verdict
I would rate this 5/5, but in my honest opinion I would have rated it a 10/5 if I could. That's how much I love this cream. Now before we continue, please take into account that I am that type of person that doesn't mind splurging when it comes to skincare products, so the price was reasonable for me but I would understand that it might be pricey for others. That is also the reason why I did not deduct any points on the price factor. When it comes to creams, I also prefer lightweight texture and one that would work well with any season. This product has it all, and not only that, I love the fresh scent infused into the product, as well as how moisturizing it is on my skin! 

Recommend? Yes/No? 
Definitely a huge yes! But only if you're in mid twenties or older, because I don't believe that people younger than 25 would need an anti-aging cream. Personally, I feel that it should be used at age 30 and up, but there are some contrasting researches on whether we should start young or in our 30's with using anti-aging products. However, I was really curious and honestly, I did notice that my skin was sagging a bit--or perhaps that was actually my "baby fat", as I have plump cheeks. Whatever it was, after using this cream I noticed a visible lift on those areas and now my jawline is more profound and sticks out more than before. This makes me 100% believe that the cream works in preventing signs of aging and preserving a youthful look, as it claims to be. 

Have you tried this product before? Let me know! This is definitely not the last time I'll be buying from Fresh, that's for sure. See you guys next time, with another review coming up. 

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