★ Etude House Dear Girls Collection

Friday, May 3, 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Collection (Compiled by me.)

Hello everyone! 
While I was browsing around eBay for products by Etude House, something new popped up. 
It's my first time seeing the collection called: "Dear Girls", so naturally my first thought was that Etude House is bringing a new line. 
I checked out the official site for more information and while they're not really promoting the line as heavily as they did with Kiss Note, the label on the products say that it's 'new', so that would be the confirmation.  
Please ignore the English names written on the pictures of the products. The pictures are not mine. Credits to: heirofkoreanculture on eBay.

Nothing really strikes out in this collection, but I do like the packaging with pink, florals and a bird illustration. This time, I'll skip Etude House and patiently wait for other releases. How about you? 

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