★ Shopping Haul: Primark & Nasty Gal

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello there~   
In this blogpost I will cover an entry about my recent "fashion" purchases. I haven't done one in forever even though my room is piling up with new clothes nearly every week. But since summer vacation has officially started for me, I will be trying my best to at least post twice a week with reviews, sneak peak, some fashion related news and my wishlists. Please stay tune for more!  
Today I will be showing you a small haul of what I purchased at Primark and Nasty Gal

First I will start off with the clothes I bought from Primark. Here we have a beige summer dress with flower pattern and monochrome vertical striped shorts
How much did I paid for this set? As we know, Primark is known for the cheap prices and decent clothing. For the dress I paid €7 and the shorts €11. Total price: €18! *Shocking* 
Unbelievable right? If I were to purchase similar items somewhere else it would have cost me around €50. So I am very happy with my purchases from Primark, now all that's left is to wait for sunshine to appear in The Netherlands!

Here is a full shot of the dress, I think this is the perfect everyday look paired up with a loose cardi and some heels. Casual, but feminine. 

Detailed shot of the dress! Beautiful vibrant soft colors, just perfect.
Detailed shot of the monochrome vertical striped pants.

Last but not least, my two purchases from Nasty Gal. Here we have a beige crochet top with intricate flower design and a soft pink mesh see through blouse with two pockets.   
I paid over €80 including shipping. But customs decided to add a fee of €30 extra so in total I had to pay €110 for these 2 items. It's expensive alright, but I am still happy with my purchases. These two pieces are unique so I suppose that makes up for it.  
That is all for today folks. Thank you for reading~ Next week, I will have an entry ready for the Etude House products. Till next time, ciao! 

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