BEAUTY HAUL: October's Mini Splurge

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The weather is getting colder outside, the days getting gloomier and even though it is only November, I have already started to listen to Christmas songs. Some might find it a tad early for this, but I think me being a December baby might have something to do with it.. (or not!)  
So to match with this Autumn season, somewhere in October I bought some products that I think, would come in handy for me. 

From L to R: Skinfood Tomato Whitening Emulsion - L'oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis Nail Polish 916 Confettis - L'oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis Nail Polish 404 Scarlet Vamp - Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature Vanilla Bourbon Eau De Toilette
My skin suffers from dry patches in the wintry days where the wind always growl in daytime or night time. As much as I would like to rely on a good day cream or night cream, I felt that I needed to buy a product that serves as a layer underneath the cream so it can retain the moisture of my skin. That is when I was introduced to various Korean skincare regime's that included 5 steps. Since they recommended an emulsion as a part of the routine, I bought the Skinfood Tomato Whitening Emulsion just for the sake of testing it out. 

To me, nail polishes have always played a role that described the overall atmosphere of the clothing I wear. So to get into the Christmas feel, I believe that L'oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis Nail Polish 916 Confettis could offer that extra detail on plain colored nails. And while I was searching for nail polishes, I also noticed a burgundy wine colored nail polish with a tinge of purple shimmers that stood out among the other colors. This color is L'oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis Nail Polish 404 Scarlet Vamp. I have worn this color several times now and I am utterly in love with it. My experience and thoughts will be shared in another blogpost, where I will talk about it in the review. 
Last but not least, I have an undying love for vanilla scents. If there was an invention where they could make the fragrance last 24/7 then I would buy it in a heartbeat. Sadly, it doesn't exist in the world we are living, so instead I bought Vanilla Bourbon Eau De Toilette Spray from Yves Rocher. My favorite is without a doubt from Sephora, but sadly Sephora has left the Dutch market in June 2013, so I have to find other substitutes for it unless I am ready to pay extra $$ for shipping on other sites. :( If anyone has any recommendation for a true vanilla scented eau de toilette or perfume, please inform me about it! Thank you!

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