Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Feggy Min, a young independent artist from Switzerland is a creative, sweet, funny, down to earth, hardworking person who is best known as an artist with an unique style. Over the years she has developed her own style in drawing characters and people in real life. Her sharp thick lines and soft shading is what I would consider her prime skill, but I'm sure that other people will disagree and pinpoint out the way she draws cheekbones, eyes and eyebrows as the aspects that makes her art stand out from other artists. Though everyone will have their own preference, one thing we all would agree on is that Feggy Min is one heck of a talented girl. 
Block B Zico, drawn by Feggy Min
It was not long before that Feggy Min has garnered her passion for drawing and her love for hip hop music to combine these two elements. The result of this fusion has created a gateway into producing her  own distinctive style. But it was only last year that her hard work, long hours and the blood that she shed were finally rewarded. In Summer 2013, she was given a chance to present her phenomenal debut in South Korea, in Club Lucidream and big names in the Hip Hop scene & famous idols are now also wearing her clothes. To name up a few: Tiger JK, San E, Zion. T, Dumfounded, Verbal Jint, Zico from Block B and Min from Miss A.
Zico from Block B wearing Feggy Min
Min from Miss A on the right, wearing Tupac sweater from Feggy Min 
But hold on, there is more to Feggy Min that it meets the eye. Not only is Feggy Min a successful artist, but she is also a photographer and owns her own clothing brand. Occasionally she also models for her own brand to exude the atmosphere that translates what Feggy Min stands for. For more information about Feggy Min, here are some links: 
Feggy Min Homepage:  
Feggy Min Art on FB:  
Feggy Min Online Clothing Shop: 
Feggy Min Twitter: 
Feggy Min Instagram: 
Feggy Min Tumblr:
Now that we finally come to the main point of this postI would like to share the order I made on Feggy Min. I ordered two T-shirtsone of T-shirt is my way of showing thanks to Hallyucon for helping me out with an interview for school. The Dumfounded, Tiger JK & Jay Park T-shirt including the other two phone cases were gifts from Feggy herself. You cannot imagine how elated I was when I met eyes with the extra goodies. Feggy also added a note, but I thought it was a personal thing so hence why it's not shown here.  
Check out that goodie~ ;)
Somehow the quality and colors of my pictures are really bad now when I upload it on Blogger. I tried to fix it, but sadly with no prevail.
Right shirt and the two phone covers are a gift from Feggy. :)
Lately I'm hunting for languages with "characters" on clothes and it's kind of ironic that I'm starting to like clothing pieces with profanities like "Fuck Off" while I don't swear.
Closeup of the T-shirt I bought, I'm super satisfied!
Tiger JK ft. Jay Park in space.
A clearer picture of Dumfounded, Tiger JK & Jay Park in space!
Two beauties, on the left Rap Monster from BTS and on the right P.O. from Block B. I'm in love with both groups!
Here's a picture of me wearing the T-Shirt from Feggy Min. I look incredibly awkward hahaha.

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