MINI HAUL: Primark's July 2014 Mini Haul

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Only a couple of days left. Six days to be exact before I will be flying to Seoul. Since I was still looking for a small black trendy shoulder bag with long straps, I decided to head over to Primark to take a quick round in the store. 

The "quick" round lasted for one hour and thirty minutes.. In the end, I came back home with 2 set pair of rings (9 rings in total) and one bag since the price is such a steal. Trust me when I say that I held in this time because their summer collection is incredibly cheap (like always!) and cute too! 

One pack of the rings are midi/knuckle rings and the other one is regular fit. The black bag has a twist & turn lock, two zippers and at the end of the straps it has chains coated with brass I believe. Can you believe that I only spent €7 on the bag and each pack of the rings costed €2? Well, neither can I. 

This bag is without a doubt the highlight of my purchases and because of the double protection, I think it would be perfect for a night out. Let's say for instance, someone wants to pickpocket in the dark, or in a club. They would have to go through the first barrier of the twist & turn lock and then the zipper. By then, I think someone would notice something and warn you.. right?

For the people who might be wondering whether I'll be absent for awhile, whether my blog will be covered in dust while I'm on vacation, the answer is no! I'll be continuing with dropping blog posts when I'm in Seoul too and I'm thrilled to be able to show you my upcoming adventures. However, I can't promise if there will be reviews up during my stay there. It would all depend on whether there is a perfect spot in the apartment for me to shoot the productsbut I'll definitely try my best because if I can't find a spot, that would also mean that I can't use the specific product before I'm back in The Netherlands. And that would be torture I tell you.

P.S.: Should you be in Seoul this summer, why not stop by at Feggy Min Hip-Hop Show on the 9th of August? A lot of talented and gifted Hip-hop artists will be performing, there will be an after show party with other guests and artist Feggy Min will be there personally as well. As for me, I'll be there chilling, enjoying the good vibes and photographing the night for my blogso if you happen to be there too, there's a chance that you will be featured in one of the pictures on my blog! (Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing though. Kidding, kidding.)

Ticket is up for sale today! If you're interested, get yours here: Feggy Min Hip-Hop Show

So, what are you guys and girls up to? I've already made a huge lists of places to visit but right now I'm searching for the best places to shop and cute cafes to visit when I'm in Seoul! Till next time!

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