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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Good gracious, this must be the longest period of time that I'm absent from my blog. After returning from South Korea, I got to admit that the first two weeks I was yearning to go back to the country that I fell in love with. Therefore I lacked the creativity to write and with school that started 3 days after I returned, it was hard to schedule a time where I could focus on my blog. However, I am glad that I'm back now with a new sponsored review from BornPrettyStore.

BornPrettyStore is an online store that sells pretty much all the necessities that a girl would like. From nail art, make up & beauty to even equipment for outdoor sports. BornPrettyStore also offers free shipping and ships within 24 hours. (For beauty bloggers out there, their Affiliate Program might be something worth checking out!)

This is the first time that my blog is being sponsored so I was grateful when I got the privilege to choose two nail art accessories/decoration for my nails. Despite that this is a sponsored review, the written materials that are contained in this post are all my honest and unbiased thoughts. Moving on, for this blog post I will focus on the Rhinestone Bowknot Nail Art that comes in a pack of 5.

As you can see on the picture above, I paired up the Rhinestone Bowknot with a lavender colored nail polish and a white nail polish to give it a cute girly look.

Before I added the bowknot, I painted a clear coat on the place where I wanted to place it. The bowknot managed to stick for 4-5 days on my nails before the clear coat loses its strength so I was pleasantly surprised at the durability.

Unfortunately for the people out there who might want to order the bowknot, it disappeared from the store and the link doesn't work anymore. Just incase it might work later, I will add the link here: Rhinestone Bowknot Decoration

Despite that this item is no longer featured, I would still encourage you to take a look at their site BornPrettyStore because they carry a large collection of other nail art decorations. If you happen to see something you like and want to order from the site, use the coupon code FEB10 to get discount from the online store!

That was it for today, but before I end this blogpost I want to announce that I will be working with my photographer friend Parisa on OOTD (Outfit of the days) so right now we're trying to shoot as often as possible to have enough materials to work on. I'm really excited because fashion is something I'm passionate about and I'm glad I can incorporate that element into my blog as well. Hopefully this will be a start of something great. Have a nice weekend. 

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