Etude House 2014 Winter Arctic Aurora Colors Collection

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Not only are we the only one gearing up for the winter, but it seems that Etude House is too! Only released hours ago, Etude House Winter Arctic Aurora Colors collection consists out of 10 eyeshadows and 10 nail polishes that is inspired by the arctic beauty to glam us up for the wintry days. 
WARNING: Heavy photos awaiting ahead of you!



What do you think of this collection by Etude House? I think the shades are gorgeous but it doesn't really excite me that much since I have preference for neutral or gold eyeshadows and non glitter/shimmery nail polishes. But still, I must say that the 5th color on the first row of the nail polishes really caught my attention! And the fact that Etude House upgraded their (awesome) nail polish applicator to hopefully an even better brush is more the reason to try it out. 
PS: For the Dutchies among us, I'm not sure if I'll have a post up on 5th of December. But if I don't, have a nice Sinterklaas!  

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