Monday, December 8, 2014

The name WishTrend has been floating around in posts of beauty bloggers, but what exactly is WishTrend? WishTrend is an online company that exists to deliver us authentic beauty products from all over the world and offers worldwide shipping. Wishtrend's mission is to "help you to be more beautiful", and the meaning behind it is that they believe as long as someone "wishes" to be more beautiful, they will be beautiful.

WishTrend carries an exclusive range of products such as: skin care, make up, hair, body care, tool/accessories and even products that are solely created for men. I counted all the brand names and in total there are 57 brands available for (potential) customers to shop.

To name up a few of the brands: 
The reason why WishTrend sparked my interest is because BEIGE cosmetics is trending lately on Instagram and I wanted to get my hands on the products. However, the shipping fee on the official site turned me off because it was $40 under orders of $100. So, I did my research and I came across WishTrend whom not only offer BEIGE cosmetics for sale, but the shipping fee of $10 was way cheaper too. On top of that, the company also offers two different methods for Free Shipping--which definitely grabbed my interest. 

1st method: Order products over $69 value to qualify for Free Standard Shipping
                -  Orders over $129 value will receive Free EMS Shipping
2nd method: Order products from the "Free Shipping" category to get Free Shipping
Another special feature of WishTrend is that they also offer exclusive deals on their Beauty Steal section. This section will bring you products with the best discount and some are also included with a freebie or 1+1. If that's not a steal, then I don't know what is. 

The last special feature that I want to discuss about WishTrend is their WishBox. These limited edition boxes are packed with a set of products in the same range line or are packed following a certain theme/concept. As far as I know, the products come in real size, so no sample sizes are included. 

I'm not sure when the new WishBox will be released nor do I know if they have release it monthly. But let's talk about the price here! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that many of these boxes are sold with high discount prices. Talk about early Christmas.
Although I haven't ordered anything yet from WishTrend, I think I'll place my order next month since I really want to try out BEIGE cosmetics. For those who are interested in WishTrend, click here to visit their site. For the month December they are also currently holding promotions. 

Use code WISHDEC2014 for 10% off orders $50+ (and get a free deluxe gift with $50+)
Use code WISHGIFTDEC2014 for a free eco book bag on orders $59+
Use code 043750712 to receive $5 voucher for first order
P.S.: For the beauty bloggers out there, WishTrend also offers an affiliate program which I stumbled upon when I was browsing the site! For more information, click here 
That was it for today, I hope you'll continue to have a lovely Monday! 
Disclaimer: This is a blogpost that contains affiliate links. However, all opinions and text are written with honest thoughts.

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