HAUL: STYLENANDA + Online Shopping Experience

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I must say that I do terribly miss the shopping in Korea, especially in STYLENANDA. It's the perfect place for shopping as the store carries unique clothes that are hardly sold in Europe, and often the design is limited to about 2 pieces. So, you can rest assured that whatever you buy from the store, it will not be seen on another person when you walk down the streets. 
Luckily, Stylenanda offers worldwide shipping and about 3 weeks ago, I went ahead to place my first order on their website. Initially I wanted to buy an oversized shearling mustang jacket, but the customer service e-mailed me that it was out of stock (even though it didn't said so on the website!) and they would probably not re-produce it. So instead of that jacket, I opted for another similar looking black mustang jacket with black faux fur (as can be seen above), and the 3CE Dot Edition Mirror in the color white. All in all, I spent about €200 in total for the two items (shipping prices included), which is reasonable. 
Stylenanda gave me a quick refund and all was good, even the shipping took less than week to arrive at my place. But after paying for the additional €30 custom fees, I opened my package and saw that Stylenanda only delivered the mirror. About five days later, another package arrived with the jacket but I had to pay an additional €30 custom fees again! 
This incident pissed me off because I expect all my orders to be shipped at the same time and in one box. Also it infuriates me that instead of only paying €30, I now had to pay €60. So, I made a picture of the additional €60 custom fees that I had to pay and told the customer service that I want a refund of €30 since they never notified me that they would send it in two separate packages. Although I gathered a quick response, they told me that they want to ship the packages to the customers as soon as possible and therefore this happened. 
The person that I talked to also told me that they tried to lower the costs on the packages and wrote it down as a gift to avoid customs for me. While I do appreciate that, it was not the reason why I e-mailed them so I persisted and tried to settle a negotiation. But they wouldn't budge and only apologized, saying that there's nothing they can do about it. I sighed in defeat and let it rest because I didn't want to ruin my Christmas spirit and was thankful that at least the packages arrived in such a short time. 
Despite the bad experience, I must say that I am utterly in love with the jacket and it's definitely one of the timeless pieces in the wardrobe that will never go out of style. I wore it a couple of times now and received a lot of glances from passerby, so it's definitely an eye-catcher. And the best of all, it keeps my body warm in this chilly winter! But, yes, there is a but! The only thing that I dislike about it is that the faux fur sheds on the clothes I wear underneath the jacket. Thankfully it sheds less now and I imagine that it's only a matter of time until the shedding completely diminishes. 

The length of the mirror is 21.7cm and the width is 12cm. It comes with a box (as seen above) and was wrapped in a soft foamy outer layer to protect the mirror. 
And ladies and gents, that was my small shopping haul and my online shopping experience at Stylenanda. I hope y'all had a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day with your dear ones. I sure did! Last week was also when I celebrated my birthday and I got to choose where to dine! As I travelled to India and Nepal two years ago, I craved and longed for Indian cuisine so we went to an Indian restaurant called Taj Mahal in Almere Poort. The food in Taj Mahal are all fresh so it took a little bit longer than usual to arrive, but we didn't mind one bit at all because the savory dishes just melted on the tip of our tongues. We had a great dining experience at Taj Mahal—the was delicious, the atmosphere in the restaurant was also pleasant and the dimmed lights definitely contributed a romantic surrounding. The staffs are very welcoming and kind too, we even received 25% discount since it was our first visit! Talk about a great birthday present.
Well, that was enough chit-chat for today. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts as more reviews will be making their return in 2015! :)

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