3 CONCEPT EYES x Dot Edition

Monday, November 3, 2014

The longing to go back shopping at Stylenanda is still engraved inside of me and due to this, I think I am much more vulnerable towards their advertising than I was before. Inspired by polkadots, Stylenanda just released 3 CONCEPT EYES x Dot Edition as their newest addition for their makeup collection. 

I had to take a moment to breathe properly when I saw this release. Anything with polkadot, especially with the colors black and white will easily win me over because they look playful, yet chic. As of right now, not all products from the Dot Edition have been released. Only the lipsticks, nail stickers and mirrors made their appearance in the online store. 

This might actually be the first time in my life where I'm tempted to try out a nail sticker.

I was reluctant to spend money on their mirrors while I was in Korea, but this product is definitely going into my shopping cart now. The #Black edition reminds me of Mickey/Minnie Mouse whilst the #White edition reminds me of The 101 Dalmatians. As I share equal love for these characters from my childhood, I'll be having a tough time choosing, that's for sure. 

Again, I love the packaging but the color doesn't seem to appeal me that much. Maybe it's because the weather is getting colder and the days are getting gloomier that I tend to opt for darker shades on my lips now. 

Call me crazy but I have to at least have one of these babies just for the packaging. Since I didn't like the other color, this is the shade that I will be probably be going for. 

The swatches of the lipsticks taken in daylight and with flash. Honestly, now that I'm exposed to the swatches, I'm falling more and more for #802 Love Sick. It's the shade I usually go for all seasons. 

Here we have the beautiful cover girl of Stylenanda, Park Sora, surrounded with all the products from 3 Concept Eyes x Dot Edition. Now that we have come to the end of the post, I must admit that I'm sold. What about you

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