Innisfree x Paul Frank Collection

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 is here, which means that this year is the year of the Monkey! Although it is still a month away, Innisfree is stepping up their game by collaborating with the iconic Southern Californian lifestyle brand Paul Frank!

Innisfree x Paul Frank Hand Cream: 3,500 KRW | €2,70 | $2,90

The three hand creams are actually pre-existing scents from Innisfree's own collection. The only difference here is the packaging between the Paul Frank's version to the original version.

Innisfree x Paul Frank Nail Stickers: 2,500 KRW | €1,90 | $2,10

Innisfree x Paul Frank Nail Polish 5 Color: 3,000 KRW | €2,30 | $2,50 

Innisfree x Paul Frank Gel Nail 5 Color (LIMITED) : 7,500 KRW | €5,75 | $6,25 

Do you see anything you like from the Innisfree x Paul Frank Collection? I do! In fact, I bought the nail polish in shade #181 because I didn't brought my pink polish with me to Korea. People who knows what I'm crazy about packaging and designs might raise their eyebrow right at this moment. Well, that's the truth really, I miss having pink colors on my nails and especially pastel pink. But I guess, perhaps, the main reason why I bought it in the first place is because I love the Paul Frank design. Oops. There, I said it!

P.S.: Happy New Year to everyone! I actually made a post to celebrate the New Year and it was ready to submit on the 1st of January. But because I wasn't satisfied with the content last minute and time was running out, I decided just to scrap it all together. Despite the post never made it to the actual blog, I still hope that everyone had a great New Year and I wish that all your dreams and wishes will come true in 2016, the year of the monkey!

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