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Monday, December 23, 2013

Somewhere in September, June from ** J U N N I KU ** tagged me on this post. In the past I have been tagged before but somehow I have never completed the tags and post it.
It is not that I abhor the thought of opening myself to others. In contrary, I am actually a social and open person--but somehow because I place the importance on reviews much higher, I ended up not writing the posts where I was tagged in. 
But this time, for the first time I have finally decided to create a blogpost and write down 30 random facts about who I am because I realized that you girls and guys don't know much about me. So with this post I would like to reach out to all of you. :) 
Fun fact: Today is my birthday hurhur! A couple of hours ago I went out to celebrate it with my (work) crew. We went to a Sushi restaurant for a sushi workshop and at the end we also surprised our bosses with gifts. It was really fun and even though the sushi I made did not look as pretty as the one the sushi chef made, they were really edible and tasty!  
Now let me now introduce you to the face and writer of O H S O W A I ♡ 

1. Vegetarian since December 2010 and still counting! :) When I was 14, I also tried pursue the vegetarian lifestyle and that lasted for a good three months before I started eating meat again. But now I'm completely fine with not eating meat and fish. 
2. Right now I am living in a cold country called The Netherlands and I have been here for over ten years. 
3. I started drawing when I was six. Other than drawing, I am also into painting, photographing and designing. 
4. This year June, I completed my course Art & Design and since September, I am studying International Communication and Media for my bachelor degree. 
5. Before I applied to my current study, I also applied to two Art academies for the course: Fine Arts and Illustration. I was not accepted in Fine Arts and Illustration for Utrecht School of Arts. But during my interview for Fine Arts, one teacher was really impressed at my work and told me to go to galleries and exhibit my work. As for the other interview at The Royal Academy of Art (The Hague), I passed the first round and was accepted to the second and final round. But I decided not to go because I felt that drawing and painting was more a hobby of mine despite of how passionate I am. 
3. I like listening to KPOP and K-Indie songs. Right now I am a fan of EXO. My bias is Chen, but my ideal guy would be someone like Kris. Fun fact: When I was younger and I still feel that way, I have always wanted to name my baby Chris if it is a boy. Somehow I have a deep attachment to the name Chris, but I do not believe that is the reason why I pointed Kris out as my ideal guy just because the pronunciation of the name is the same. I am charmed by his personality and I would lie if I say that I do not find him attractive haha. 
4. My first Korean drama was Full House and I watched it with my family on DVD set. 
5. Books are something I am also fond of and I cannot get enough of them. If you want to buy me a gift, a book is always welcome. :) 
6. I have a soft spot for guys who are good around kids, animals and guys who are into gardening. 
7. Before I sleep, I like to listen to music that translates my current mood. So I put the earplugs in and dream away. In particular, I like listening to instrumentals and piano pieces that can pull the strings my of my heart. 
8. My child dream was to play violin. There is just something magical about the sound a violin produce. 
9. I attended an all girls school when I was younger. 
10. In my entire life so far, I have only confessed once. It happened when I was 18 and I did it through a handwritten letter. 
11. I have developed a serious obsession over lip products throughout these years. 
12. When I was younger, I entered a contest where it required me to fill in my name and school's name. I won first prize, which was 200+ water bottles and had to go to the teacher's office to receive the prize. When I went to the office, the teacher that I was afraid of was sitting there. In the end I never went back to claim my prize. 
13. Currently I am studying Korean and I am planning to go to South Korea in Summer 2014. 
14. When I am doing my own thing, I am really engrossed in what I am doing and would prefer to be alone
15. I am at peace with solitude. Honestly, I am an open and social person but I also like being alone. Being alone and being lonely are two separate things. 
16. I like listening to the sound of the nature: how the droplets of the rain trickles on my window, or how the waves of the sea emerges and retreat, or the sound of the birds chirping. It gives me joy when I listen to it. 
17. I believe that the most simple things in life are really precious
18. Other than art and designing, I've always wanted to study Psychology, Forensic Psychology, alongside with Philosophy, English Literature, Creative Writing, Art History, History of Mythology and History in general. The thoughts of being a nurse, a doctor or work in a pharmacy has also occurred in my mind before. 
19. Many people say that Badminton is not a sport, but I still enjoy playing it. Other sports I like are: Hockey, Baseball and Basketball. I used to play Soccer at every break during my middle school. 
20. I love drinking tea, coffee and soy milk. My favorite tea is (traditional Indian) Chai tea and my favorite Starbucks coffee would be White Chocolate Mocha. Nowadays I also drink warm water with (the juice of) lemon to detoxify my body. 
22. Smelling good is really important to me. If a guy wears a perfume that exudes manliness, yet with a tinge of sweetness it can and will drive me crazy. It will also definitely increase his level of attractiveness in my book. 
23. I like looking at other girls to see which attractive qualities they have. Be it their height, shoes, eyes, eye color, lips etc. I believe that everyone has something that I would want? xD 
24. My elder brother got me into playing Starcraft: Broodwar when I was 10 or 11. My favorite race is Protoss and I love the look of Carriers and Archons! Those two are just so badass! 
25. Diablo and Pokemon will forever have a special spot in my heart, just like Starcraft. 
26. I used to go shopping every week, at least twice and always end up buying something. This continued until last year. 
27. Now I am addicted to online shopping. I hardly go shopping in real life anymore! 
28. I love spicy foods
29. Many people dislike the fragrant of Durian, but I actually like it and it is one of my favorite fruit. 
30. My wish is to become a well-known blogger, artist, photographer and designer. :) If I have the chance, I would also like to design my own clothes and have my own clothing brand in the future. 
So, that was a bit of myself.. well, 30 facts isn't really little haha. :p Do we have anything in common? I am curious if we are alike. If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask as I do enjoy interacting with people. In the future I am also thinking of writing more posts of my daily life instead of just reviews so I can interact more with you all. 
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