Etude House Play Nails Sweet Sweater

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Well well, it seems that Etude House is gearing and preparing for Christmas despite having the Princess Etoinette Winter Collection launched last week. What I find even more remarkable is that they gave the the name of this nail polish set "Sweet Sweater." I kid you not.  
Now I understand that it's sweater season right now- but when I think of a sweater, my mind does not immediately conjure the adjective sweet nor would I find a connection between these two words. My hunch is that during the process of brainstorming words for the winter season, they end up with hot chocolate milk (sweet taste) and a sweater as primary words. That would make more sense.  
Nevertheless, the colors from Sweet Sweater set are all very sparkly and festive looking. These are meant to layer the coats of your primary nail polish, to get that extra bling so you can prepare for a night that you'll never forget. 

While looking at the swatches, I was immediately drawn to #171. The thin silver confetti tops up nicely with a white color as base layer. But as for the rest of the colors, I'm not that interested in them because I have similar ones with a different brand name. 
What do you think about the Etude House Play Nails "Sweet Sweater"? Aside of the cute, yet funny name. :p 

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