What I Bought Today: MADE IN THE RECE$$ION T-Shirt

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Finding the perfect label for a blog post is hard. Since it's only one item, it felt a bit overboard to label it as "Haul" or even "Mini Haul". For now I'll stick with "What I Bought Today" until I find one that is suitable to be used as the label. :)

Today I would like to show you all something small that I purchased. It's a 100% light ringspun cotton T-Shirt by Brashy Couture. I fell in love with the Brashy Couture months ago when I came across a fashion blogger wearing a T-shirt from the same brand.  
"Brashy Couture is street apparel for the irreverent and brash. Founded in Stockholm and based out of LA; we bring you the best and scoff at the rest. Since 2010."
What I like about the brand is the simplistic T-Shirts they produce, with a hint of bold statement. It depicts a fresh, laid-back, casual street look that can be worn anytime during the day. When it's summer all you need is a pair of shorts, with sneakers and a cap if you're into that—and you're ready to go. 

The free shipping took about five days to arrive at my place, which is pretty quick. The white T-Shirt features a long black horizontal bar with the typography "MADE IN THE RECE$$ION". "RECE$$ION" is the main key of this T-Shirt since the double S is written in the dollar mark $. The reason why I bought this T-Shirt is because I'm crazy about T-Shirts that has a black square with white typography in it. It's not overdone, it's fun and in a way, it's also classy in my eyes. 

If you wish to purchase the exact same T-Shirt, you can head over to Asos since it's sold out at the official site. I also bought this T-Shirt in Asos in Size S/UK 10, in case you were wondering. (By standard default, S is UK 8, but Brashy Couture's sizing is a bit different) Usually I wear UK 8, but I purposely bought UK 10 since I like my T-Shirts to be slightly oversized. Beneath is a picture of me "modeling" it. 

Should you be interested in the rest of the collection, here is the site: http://brashycouture.com/ 
Brashy Couture also has a 35% discount code event ongoing. So if you see something you like I would say buy it now since they rarely have discounts—unless it's a special holiday.  
Here are some of my favorites: 

Brashy Couture Babe 1 Black: http://brashycouture.com/products/babeblack

Brashy Couture Babe 1 White: http://brashycouture.com/products/babe-1-white

Before I end this post, I hope everyone had a blast of a Christmas with your friends, family and loved ones! Maybe I'll see you next year with a new blog post, or I might still post something before the end of 2013. Who knows? ;) 

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