Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Etude House has recently introduced their collaboration with Disney once again. This time the main character who will be gracing the cover is none other than the famous Cinderella.  
I can't really say that it's a collection this time, because so far they have only released two item with the Cinderella theme. The first one is a limited edition Etude House Magic Any Cushion Set that includes the case + Magic Any Cushion (pink) refill. It goes for 23,000 won. The second product is the Etude House Cinderella Magic Any Cushion Case that sells for 10,000 won. 

I really hope that Etude House will be releasing more products in collaboration with the face of Cinderella. The Disney protagonist Cinderella was the first Disney story that I read when I was just a little kid so it will always have a special place in my heart. Needless to say, the temptation is high and I think my wallet has to brace itself for the coming days. What do you girls think about this collaboration?  
For those who are interested in buying the products, here are some links on eBay:  
Etude House Cinderella Magic Any Cushion Set Cushion Refill (Limited Edition) for $28.99
Etude House Cinderella Magic Any Cushion Case Limited Edition for $10.99
P.S.: Sorry for not having the review up of the Peripera products. I thought I would get it done by this week but I have been very tired and had some appointments planned with friends, thus I didn't really have enough time to write them. I also tested them again and my views of the product has changed as well. But as we are speaking, I'm currently in the midst of writing it and I hope that I can present them tomorrow on my blog. Again, I sincerely apologize for not being able to keep my word. 

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