Get Healthy Challenge: Tiny Tea Teatox 28 Days

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring is officially here, which means that everyone is focusing on getting their beach body ready. I happen to fall in that category as well, but not only am I trying to get fitter for the summer, I'm also hoping to be able to continue with the healthier lifestyle.  
A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing the Popular pages on Instagram and encountered a picture of teabags from @yourtea. With the thought and curiosity to find out why it was popular, I decided to click on the picture and browsed YourTea's Insta. From what I saw, it was praised by a crowd of people as one of the best tea to detox our body, to replenish our energy and to make our skin glow. At first I was really skeptical because there are so many scams nowadays, but the temptation was too strong and I couldn't overlook the results of what people achieved in just 14 or 28 days with the Tiny Tea Teatox. 

Thus I decided to try it out myself after some research and ordered Tiny Tea Teatox 28 days last week Thursday with a friend of mine. The full price of the product was €37, but the choice of the shipping price was either €15 or €17. We decided to go with the latter since it promises to deliver the product within 2 workdays and €2 in price didn't bothered us that much either. The product arrived this Tuesday, which was pretty quick and it was packed nicely. 

This is how the box looks like when you open it, the smell that accompanies with the box is strong and it reminds me of chinese herbs and tea. In the box they also included a small catalogue of all their products and their functions.

What exactly is Tiny Tea Teatox?  
1) It is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine principles
2) An organic tea blend that will nourish and gently cleanse your digestive system
3) Main ingredients: Oolong Tea, Sicklepod Senna Seed, Loutus Leaf, Hawthorn Berry
4) Tiny Tea Teatox 28 days version carries 2.5g x 84 Tea bags (consume 3x per day 30 minutes either after or before each meal)
5) Reduce bloating
6) Remove toxins
7) Improve energy levels
8) Nudge away any surplus weight 

So for the upcoming 28 days I will be consuming the Tiny Tea Teatox and I hope that it will reduce the bloating in my body. (I bloat so much it's not even funny anymore..) I will also be keeping a diary everyday and I will post my progress weekly without pictures because I'm not that confident of my body. For those who are also curious about whether this product really works, I added a couple of links for you to do your research on + take a look on the results. :) 

P.S.: YourTea also carries other type of teas and all of them have their own specialities.  
YourTea Website:
YourTea FAQ:
YourTea Instagram:
YourTea Feedback from customers Instagram (pictures of before and after):
For my loyal readers who are waiting for new beauty reviews, I promise that I will have them done and posted before the end of weekend. Thank you so much for being so patient with me! 

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