Get Healthy Challenge: Tiny Tea Teatox Diary Day 1 - 7

Sunday, April 13, 2014

As promised, this post will contain my diary and journey about the Tiny Tea Teatox 28 Days from Day 1 - 7. I'm currently on my 11th day and so far things are going pretty well. There are some downsides regarding the tea, but I'll let my diary take the lead and speak for itself.

Tiny Tea Teatox Diary Day 1 - 7 ( 3rd April - 9th April ) 

 Day 1 – Breakfast: I slightly felt a bit dizzy when I took my first sip of the tea. The tea wasn’t as bad as most people described, I could drink it without adding honey or lemon in it. Maybe it’s because I’m used to drinking a lot of different teas and I have no problems with consuming my tea when they are on the strong, bitter side. For those who are curious how it taste it, I guess it kind of reminds me of the Chinese Pu Er tea. My body also immediately reacted to the tea; my stomach felt upset but I didn’t have to go to the toilet and my heartbeat increased and it was thumping very loud. After 15 minutes later when I finished the whole tea, the dizziness is still lingering around and the same story goes for the increased heartbeat. 
After 50 minutes, the dizziness dissolved but I still feel a bit light in my head. However, I could feel the transition between the process and due to that, I feel much more energized now. 
After 2 hours, I can feel that my stomach is “lighter”. I had to go to the toilet but my stomach feels fresher and it doesn’t feel as heavy as it used to be.  
 Day 1 – Lunch: It seems that my body is already accustomed to the tea. I don’t feel dizzy anymore, my body is revitalized but my eyes feel tired though. The heartbeat didn’t rise like the previous time. 
After 10 minutes of consuming the tea, my stomach is feeling upset again. According to the website, this is normal and will continue for a couple of days so I’ll just take their word on it. My stomach already feels “firmer” after two tea bags. 
 Day 1 – Dinner: I ate my dinner on a late side, around 20:15 after work and I consumed French fries and some rice with veggies. Nothing much changed regarding how my body reacts to the tea. It’s 11:20 pm and as I am writing, I keep yawning but my body feels energized. 
 Day 2 – Breakfast: Believe it or not, I feel that my bloating has decreased a lot. I’m now back with the body I used to have whenever I go on a diet so I’m happy. I do however have the feeling that I have to go to the toilet often and my stomach still feels gassy.
 Day 2 – Lunch: Nothing much to add here, but I don’t think the tea makes me feel energized all the time. 
 Day 2 – Dinner: My stomach no longer feels heavy but it still doesn’t feel fresh. It’s odd how I do feel active at night though. I can see that my arms (mah flabby chicken wings) are a bit thinner now and overall I think I lost some inches on my waist due to the effect of the detox. 
 Day 3: Bloating has reduced a lot and I’m only on my 3rd day. However, my stomach still doesn’t feel fresh as I previously mentioned and my digestive system is a bit messed up too after consuming the tea. I’m unsure if I should continue since it does concern me, but I’ll keep it up until tomorrow to see if it changes. 
 Day 4: It is a wonder tea as many proclaimed it to be, but as I mentioned in Day 2 and 3 I have problems with digesting the food I consume. The result of the detox can be clearly seen on my body and they feel tighter. I also worked out today, did about 15 mins+ abs exercises. 
 Day 5: I keep feeling that I have to go to the bathroom, but in actual I don’t. It’s an annoying feeling because I feel that there’s something in my stomach all the time. There are visible “abs” lines on my stomach now, but I think it’s due to the fact that I did some exercise too instead of giving all the credits to the tea. 
 Day 6: The feeling of wanting to go to the bathroom the whole time has vanished. My body hasn’t changed; it’s still the same as yesterday. My digestive system is still messed up, I don’t “take the dump” regularly on the time I usually do. Today I also took the advice of YourTea to reuse my old tea bag and added the herbal ingredients into a strawberry banana smoothie.  
 Day 7: Today I accidentally skipped the tea for Lunch. I didn’t have enough time to consume it and I read on the FAQ that it was fine to miss out a couple of times. According to the FAQ I wasn’t allowed to consume it twice at night. I did notice that my stomach was feeling gassy when I skipped the tea. Today I also ate French fries and a fried snack and I could feel that my stomach started to bloat a bit again but the firmness is still there. 

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