PAYDAY WISHLIST: Chapter 1 - April

Friday, April 18, 2014

My favorite time of the month? Yes, it's payday! The countdown has begun and to keep myself busy from fiddling on my wallet with nonexistent money, I decided to gather all the things I'm lusting after and assemble them in this post.

Here's what I have on the list for this month: (Link is added) 
1. ASOS Felt Fedora Hat With Plait Braid - My undying love for fedora hats begun since a couple of years ago and ever since then I'm crazy over it! When worn right, fedora hats give outfits a classy touch and just that extra detail that could spice up our wardrobe.
2. ASOS Hat Trick Leather Heeled Sandals - White shoes are definitely the hottest item this summer and I'm loving it. What I particularly like about these sandals is that they look comfortable enough for an everyday wear, even to school.
3. Limited Edition Etude House Magic Any Cushion Set (Magic Pink) - To be honest, the only reason why this is on my list is purely for the limited edition Cinderella cover case. I could care less about the product itself because the benefits of the product doesn't seem to suit my skin tone. There's also another version of the Cinderella cover case which is sold separately from the set, but I think this version is way cuter.
4. Nasty Gal Sugar and Vice Top - When I look at this top, all I can think of is summer and festivals. It has a bohemian, gypsy feel to it and I love the detail of the ruffles on the top. Can't wait to feel the cool breeze on my skin!
5. 3 Concept Eyes One Color Shadow (Shimmer) in Saturn - A sparkly vampy red/burgundy eyeshadow that would seem suitable even for spring/summer. I really want to rock this color on my eyes!
6. New Look Authentic Dungaree Short - Finally my hunt for the perfect denim dungarees ended when I laid my eyes on this dungarees. I swear these will look gorgeous paired up with the ASOS Hat Trick Leather Heeled Sandals and the ASOS Felt Fedora Hat With Plait Braid. Simple, but pretty.
There will be a monthly post regarding the PAYDAY WISHLIST from now on. I decided to incorporate other elements in my blog than just my love for and skincare and beauty products. In the future I have plans of refurbishing my blog in terms of layout, but also to add the pre-existing OOTD posts. I've been slacking off with those posts and after getting hit with signs and messages that time is precious and there's no guarantee for tomorrow, I knew that this is the year that I should be chasing after my dreams in my waking hours than continue to stay in the dream.  
P.S.: #PrayForSouthKorea - I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Sewol Ferry incident that happened in South Korea. This news has really struck my heart, I sincerely hope and wish that the remaining people will be rescued. My heart goes out to the family members, friends and relatives of the people who were and are still on board.

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