GIFT IDEAS: Mom I Love You!

Friday, May 9, 2014

It's time to prepare ourselves. Just a couple of days left and before you know it, Mother's Day is there. I bet we all experienced it before. Searching for a gift is time consuming, especially when you're out of ideas or when you lack the energy to think after a long dreadful day.  
For the people out there who needs a little inspiration, I came up with a special edition of gift ideas to steer all you lost souls out there into the "right" direction of purchasing a gift. Should you actually purchase any product that I listed and the gift was not in your favor, then I would like to mention beforehand that I'm not responsible for any yelling, saddened face or sobbing tears from the mothers! 

On my list for Mother's Day are the following.. (Links are all included) 
1. Lush Brazened Honey - Our mom works hard to make a living that sometimes they ignore their skin regime because they're too tired or overworked. For this reason, I think the Lush Brazened Honey mask would make a great and thoughtful gift. The product is inspired from Ayurvedic principles, is free from eggs, contains honey, lime oil, spices and ground almonds as their top ingredients.
2. Rituals Jasmine Delight Tea - By serving a cup of tea to our mom, it will invite our mom to relax and ease her worries or stress. Jasmine, in combination with green tea has many health benefits but did you know that just by smelling the aroma of jasmine has an effect on reducing our heart rate?
3. Rituals Eucalyptus Car Perfume - According to the Internet, the scent of eucalyptus increases brain wave activity and counters physical and mental fatigue. It's even said that the smell can help one study and just by sniffing eucalyptus it can increase our energy. This gift would be perfect for the moms who has to travel a long distance for their work, but naturally all moms deserve to have a car that is equipped with an exquisite fragrant.
4. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Perfume - The most expensive product on my list so far, but the pink wrapped candy packaging is just irresistible. If your mom is till searching for a sweet signature scent, why not take her to a perfume store and let her take a whiff of the scent? If she likes it, then be prepared to spend lots of money on Mother's Day hehe!
5. The Body Shop Vanilla & Tonka Bean Scented Candle - The previous products all have described scents as their top benefit of the gift. The same would also apply to the scented candle from The Body Shop. Infused with a creamy aroma of vanilla and tonka bean, the candle is paraffin free (free from harmful chemicals that might increase cancer and lungs problem. Please be caution that most candles have paraffin and people that are asthmatic, elderly and children is susceptible to the effect of paraffin candles) and it helps soothe the mind!
6. Sophie Kinsella - The Undomestic Goddess Book - I can't speak for all but in my opinion, Sophie Kinsella is the queen of comedy and romance books. If you've never heard of her, you might recognize her if I mention that she's the popular author behind the book and movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic." If your mom appreciates a good laugh and a book to fantasize about romance while squealing like a little girl, I would recommend The Undomestic Goddess as a gift.
7. Great Mum Greeting Card - If you're on a budget, a greeting card might be your best bet. A card that compliments how great your mom is, following with a handwritten note of "I Love You, thank you for everything." might even make her smile more than an expensive set of jewelries or luxurious gifts. Just saying.

Enjoy Mother's Day with your mom, even if it's without a gift! A precious moment spent with a loved one is much more valuable than something that can be bought. My family doesn't really celebrate Mother's Day and we don't really care about gifts. But even so, I want to be a thoughtful daughter this year. I know how much my mom loves flowers so I'll be getting her peonies and a cake if my wallet allows me to. :) How will you spend your Mother's Day? Does your family and culture attach great importance in it? 

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