REVIEW: Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion #21 Natural Beige

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hi everyone! It's been such a long time. I remember editing these pictures for the review in the beginning of May and look at the time now. Anyhow, for today's review I will be covering Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion #21--which also happens to be the first cushion foundation (or even foundation for that matter) that I will be reviewing.

I've tried my best to capture the comparison of my skintone with and without applying the cushion foundation. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out well even after 10+ pictures. Still, I hope that you will be able to detect the tiny sparkles on the after picture and the picture below! 

❝ REVIEW: Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion #21 

✧ Color
#21 Natural Beige is the color between #13 Light Beige and #23 True Beige. My skin tone is between NC15 - NC20, so I opted for a color that is close to it. To my amazement, the color is really identical to my original skin tone. 
✧ Texture
Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion is very lightweight and has a fluid texture that is not too watery, but just enough to absorb the foundation onto the applicator. It provides a light coverage (which is buildable!) to smoothen out the uneven skin tone it can blur small, tiny pimples.
✧ Formula
It applies like a breeze, it "dries" quickly and provides a natural, dewy finish. Personally, I find it too dewy to my liking (sometimes) but that is just a matter of preference. Regarding the moisturizing factor, I would say that it does its job well during spring. But, when it comes in touch with dry areas, (especially in winter) it can cling onto it a bit. 
✧ Scent
The product exudes a strong, medicine-kind-of smell when applied onto the skin. In the beginning I could literally smell it even after three hours. I wouldn't say that it is unbearable, but it is certainly not a pleasant scent. After using it for a couple of months now, I would say that the smell is slowly starting to disappear, but it is still there! 
✧ Lasting power
Lasting power is above average, it can withstand at least six hours. As for when to purchase a new refill, I would say the whole cushion foundation is wearable for a month, maximal two months. After this period, you'll probably need a refill if you are the type of person, who just like me, uses it almost everyday. 
✧ Packaging
The packaging is simple and sleek. The cushion case is constructed out of the color light beige and a slightly darker brown wording is printed on top. Like all the other cushion foundations, it comes with an applicator and a small compact mirror. 
✧ Price
If memory recalls, I paid about $25 for the cushion case + foundation on eBay. 
✧ Final verdict: 4/5
I'm not really a picky person when it comes to foundation, as long as the product brightens,  even out my skin tone and cover small imperfections, I can already tick off all the requirements on my list. 
While testing the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion, I discovered that this could be my holy grail cushion foundation. But in the end it turns out not to be. The reason why it prevents me to give it a 5/5 is because it can cling onto dry patches (minus 0.5 points!) and the strong (chinese) medicine smell bothered me even after the foundation has settled for three hours. (minus 0.25 points) Also, the dewy finish (minus 0.25 points) is a tad too much to my liking sometimes, but I feel unfair to deduct one whole point off for these two minor factors. Hence why, as you can see, only 0.5 points were deducted. 
* Travel friendly 
* Lightweight 
* Easy to apply 
* Smoothes out uneven skintone 
* Moisturizing 
* Looks natural 
* Dewy finish (for the people out there who likes it) 
* Long lasting 
* Light coverage (for the people out there who wants a thicker coverage) 
* Strong medicine smell 
* Can cling onto dry patches 
* Dewy finish (for the people out there who dislikes it) 
* Lack of colors to choose from, only 3 foundation colors 
Recommend? Yes/No?
Yes and No. I would only recommend this for people who are satisfied with light coverage foundation. For the people out there who are searching for a thicker coverage, (e.g. acne, bigger pimples) I would say skip it despite that it is a solid cushion foundation for a good price. Also, if you are not a fan of dewy finish, or scented products, this might not be the one for you either. 
But, if you are like me--who is content with a light coverage cushion foundation and is searching for a lightweight, moisturizing, brightening cushion foundation that is travel friendly--then I would recommend testing it out. 

RANDOM TALK: What's everyone up to at the moment? Well, for me, I am finished with this school year and proud to say that I passed all my subjects and exams! So these days I have been juggling time between work, packing my luggage, improving my Korean skills and meeting up with friends before I leave on a 5 month trip to Malaysia (for about 2 weeks) and South Korea as an exchange student.

P.S.: Next blogpost will be about a lip product, since I'm a lip product hoarder after all! See ya then! Oh and if anyone managed to get their hands on the MAC Amber Times Nine Palette, what are your thoughts on it? x

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