REVIEW: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk #Etude Pink

Friday, July 31, 2015

For this review I exchanged my usual floral background with a plain white blanket/sheets and scattered some withered peony petals to emanate a girly, princess vibe in order to correlate with Etude House's concept!

As seen on the picture above, what we have here is an additional release to the Etude House's Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk collection. Except that there is something different from this lipstick that stands out from the rest. What might those be, you wonder?

The first would be the packaging of the box. It is bigger than the regular box of this collection. Second would be the "ornament" attached to the lipstick packaging. Instead of the detachable, metallic ribbon that adorns the other packaging, it is replaced with an elastic band, Etude House's logo and gauze fabric (with tiny glitters) at the end! (Yes, you can actually use this to tie up your hair!)

As for the lipstick color, it is called Etude Pink and if I am not wrong it is Etude House's trademark color. Should I be at fault here, please do correct me!

❝ REVIEW: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk #Etude Pink 

✧ Color
Etude Pink is a bright girly pink color that contains tiny shimmers and has a glossy finish. If you scroll back up, you can see the tiny shimmers on the picture with flash. In my opinion this color is more flattering on cooler skin tones. 
✧ Texture
You would be surprise how creamy it is when you first swipe it on your lips. It is so soft and buttery that by applying lip balm beforehand, the color won't stick on the lips. Therefore, it shows up sheer, with barely any pigmentation unless I swipe it at least four times for the color to show up. It is also difficult to apply the color evenly on the lips and the end result of my lips were quite a mess, with some areas looking brighter (and has more glitters) than the other. 
✧ Formula
Since it is creamy, you would expect that it would moisturize the lips. But that is certainly not the case here. When I use it without lip balm, my lips feel dry. There is just no middle ground for this lipstick. What I noticed is that it is very unflattering on chapped lips since it clings onto the dry patches and the shimmer particles enhance and expose the area even more. 
✧ Scent
It smells very much like rose when you sniff it up close.  
✧ Lasting power
I would say it is average, about three hours max. without eating and drinking. You might be wondering if you can get away with not reapplying the lipstick after eating? I would say perhaps, yes you can. If your lip color is slightly similar or just a tad darker than the lipstick color you can definitely get away with it since it looks like an ombre effect. 
✧ Packaging
The packaging is similar to the other Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipsticks except that there are some couple of things that sets the lipstick apart from the others. It differentiates itself by replacing the ornament detail of a ribbon, that is commonly found in the other lipsticks with a scrunchy that contains an Etude House logo. Near the logo, there is a gauze fabric overflowing with fine, iridescent glitter that shines brightly. The box where the lipstick is placed in is also bigger and wider than the original packaging. 
✧ Price
I bought this lipstick in Etude House last year in South Korea so I can't really remember the price. But I do recall that it is between 10,000 KRW - 12,000 KRW. 
✧ Final verdict: 2.5/5
I wish I could give it a higher score, but it is as it is. I am not fond of this lipstick due to several factors: it dries out the lips without lip balm, with lip balm it is difficult to get the color stick on the lips and it has a sheer finish. I dislike how it enhances the dry areas even with lipbalm, how the shimmer particles bring drier areas into spotlight and the fact that it is impossible to even out the color properly.   
What I do like from this lipstick is obviously the details of the packaging that caught my eyes at first glance, how affordable it is and the color that suits spring/summer.  
* Travel friendly 
* Lightweight 
* Affordable 
* Cute packaging 
* Enhances dry areas & feels dry on the lips 
* Too sheer (have to apply at least 4 times) if lipbalm is used
* Shimmer particles brings the dry areas into spotlight 
* Difficult to get the color evenly on the lips    
Recommend? Yes/No?
This lipstick is a no-no, unless you like the packaging and wants to use the scrunchy to tie your hair.  

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