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Sunday, February 24, 2013

If Etude House is my favorite make up brand, then I would say that Skinfood comes second in line. Since spring is near, the new Flora Tea collection- as the name suggests- is inspired by flowers. The soft floral textures with vintage pastel colors can be seen on the promotional posters and on the packaging itself. 
It wouldn't surprise me if the image of this collection is based on a concept of a young lady, sitting on a chair while she inhales the sweet, pleasant aroma of her cup of tea. The scenery will take place in her garden, full with blooming flowers to enhance her beauty. While her eyes darts on a page of the book she is reading, she is enjoying life as it is. Nothing more, nothing less. 
Anyhow, enough blabbing with my random fantasy and onto to pictures I say! 



❝ Skinfood Flora Tea Rose Essence Multi Finish 
At first I thought this was a blusher combined with highlighters, but apparently it's a highlighter? I can't say for 100%, but it would be odd if it's not- seeing how they have a separate cream blusher for this line. Anyhow, I like the pattern on the pact and having a small mirror attached to it is always a plus. 


❝ Skinfood Flora Tea Vita Tok Water Pact SPF 20
The finishing touch for your face to keep your make up in their place throughout the day. Only available in two shades, but there is a mirror included and having that is always handy when you travel. I don't use pacts for finishing touches, so I will skip this.

❝ Skinfood Flora Tea My Short Cake Cream Blush 
The word SPF 8 was included on the description of the title, is this something new? I never came across a blusher with SPF 8 before, that or maybe I am just unaware that they exist in the first place. I think that CCR 01 color is quite interesting for a blusher, because the peachy coral colors are usually all over lipsticks but I have not own a blusher in that color yet. 


❝ Skinfood Flora Tea My Short Cake Eyeshadow 

Not really much to add on this picture, because they speak for themselves. Even though I like the packaging a lot, I am not really interested in the colors so they're not a must for me to get. CPC01 might be in my purchase list in the future- but in all honesty- the reason for me to buy will be 90% influenced by the packaging


❝ Skinfood Flora Tea Vita Tok Matte Lipstick 
Probably my most anticipated product from the Flora Tea collection. Even though I have tons of lippies lying around in my room, I can't seem to get rid of my love for lipsticks. Coming in 5 shades, from peachy orange to bold medium pink they are suitable for any occasion. PK08 is the shade I have been searching for, let's hope it won't disappoint me on my lips! 


❝ Skinfood Flora Tea Vita Nail Alpha 
Skinfood has decided to present similar colors from the lipstick range back to the nail polish collection. Available in 5 different shades, the pink hues and orange tone welcomes to the spring. If I had to choose, ACR 01 is my favorite color in this line, but my preference also goes out to APK 01. I sort of have similar shades of the other colors in other brands nail polishes, so I don't feel the urge to buy 5 of them. 

❝ Skinfood Flora Tea Easy Look & Easy Nail Sticker 

The nail stickers are available in four different patterns. I am not sure if they will add more in the future, but this will definitely come in handy for people who doesn't want to spend a long time doing their nails. Plus, the cute floral look will glam up your nails within minutes without causing you to worry about when your nails will dry. I personally like the last 2 nail stickers a lot because it exudes a young, yet sophisticated, kind of look- or at least- in my eyes they do. 

Final Notes:
In all honesty, the reason why I decided to blog about this collection is because the packaging is eye catching and my love for floral patterns won me over. But when it comes down to the products, I am not really hyped. Sure, there will be some products that I am keeping in mind: such as the nail stickers when I wish to feel all girly and frilly and bring out my inner princess diva. (Just a joke!) And since a girl can never have enough nail polishes and lippies, I will take a look on those two products.
What do you think of the new spring collection by Skinfood? Are you tempted by the packaging as well? Will you be purchasing or will you say: PASS

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