REVIEW: Etude House Play Nails #8

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Etude House Play Nails is a budget friendly nail polish line that covers over 100 colors. With so many colors to choose from, you can customize your nails everyday to suit your liking.
The packaging is simplistic with a playful, cursive font that says "Play" in the center. The name Etude House is located at the bottom and under the cap, there's an lacy texture to finish the design. The lace insert exudes a whimsical, feminine, airy touch and I find it a great match with the white color of the cap. 

As I was unscrewing the cap, there was a fear inside me that the liquid would drip and stain the floral background while I was holding down the button of my camera in order to capture the picture. Thankfully, this was not the case here and it basically gave me the confirmation that the consistency of the nail polish is at a perfect balance.

The color looks much more brighter in real life. The nail polish is graced with a vivid bubblegum pink color that screams "Barbie." It will definitely catch people's attention, but it's also rather a common color that is pretty much available in a lot of nail polishes from other brands. 

❝ REVIEW: Etude House Play Nails #8 

It's a vivid barbie pink color that will capture people's attention. The pictures do not do justice to how it looks like in real life. This color is something I really like, but it's also a popular color that other brands often carry in their own nail polish range. 
✧ Formula
This nail polish dries within 10 minutes and they still look perfect after I sleep so I'm very happy in that aspect. (I usually get lines from my hair on nearly all my nails even though I applied the nail polish in the early morning) Other than that, the nail polish is rich in color, and it's also easy to apply. The consistency is perfect, it's not watery or dry and you only need two coats for a glossy finish. 
✧ Lasting power
A lot of people were surprised to hear that I have been wearing the same nail polish for a week now. The color still looks beautiful as day one, and yes there are some minor cracks to be found on some nails, but they aren't that noticeable unless you zoom in closely. So I would say that Etude House really knows how to deliver a long lasting nail polish to the girls and women out there. 
✧ Packaging
There's nothing really unique about the packaging of the nail polish. It's really simple but well thought since the designers kept it girly with small bows, lace textures and a cursive, playful font. The white cap matches the white of the other elements, so this keeps the design at one place. Sometimes less is more and this is absolutely the case here!
✧ Price
I ordered it from Shopping With Lady Fox and when I divided the price between all my products + custom it came out much more expensive than I expected it would be. But the original price of the nail polish is quite cheap though, it's similar to the prices from other drugstore brands. beautynetkorea is selling it for $4.69, the cheapest price including free shipping on eBay. 
✧ Final verdict: 5/5
If you are searching for a budget friendly nail polish that delivers an intense color alongside with a long lasting, glossy finish then this is the perfect nail polish for you. The brush applies the lacquer evenly and the formula seems to be in a perfect balance: it's not dry nor is it watery. Other than that, the Etude House Play Nails collection carries a wide variety of colors, including other textures from their seasonal lines. This is the first time where I'm ultimately satisfied and convinced that a product deserves a 5/5 on my rating system. I'm also really happy that I decided to take the risk and buy 3 colors from this collection!
* Easy to apply: Brush applies the lacquer evenly
* Perfect formula: Not dry nor is it watery
* Rich in color
* Glossy effect
* Long lasting power
* Only need two coats
* Comes in variety of colors
* Cheap 
* Not available in every country
Recommend? Yes/No? 
Definitely a BIG yes! I've finally found my HG (Holy Grail) nail polish and I'll be sure to stock up when I'm in Korea! ___

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