Surprise Gifts From Miss Santa June! ♡

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Guess what! Back in December, June from ** J U N N I K U ** chose me as a surprise winner for her Christmas giveaway! (If you haven't followed her yet, you should! She's a fun, down to earth person who is not only pretty, sweet and generous, but she's also very funny!) Baffled as I was, I actually refreshed the page to confirm whether my eyes were playing with me. Turns out, I was really one of the first surprise winners so you can try and imagine my happy face here. Perhaps this might sound silly, but the fact that I "won" and that her giveaway was held around my birthday felt like June was handing me birthday gifts instead, haha! ㅠㅠ

Each and every product I acquired from June is not only a delight to my eyes but they're also beneficial to my skin. I swear, June was so thoughtful when she packed all these things for me.  My skin will forever be grateful to her because masks are an essential step to my skincare routine.  
And as most of people here know, I'm also a sucker for cute things.. My heart was filled with elation when I saw that June bestowed me a tiny bunny that comes in the color pink! Like c'mon, this is perfection we're talking about! But from the objective view of a beauty blogger, the attention should be focused on the actual product instead of the bunny itself right? 

Wait.. who are we kidding?!  
Believe it or not, this cutie patootie is actually a perfumed moist mist that rehydrates your skin and can be used as prep before or after moisturizer. The tiny size makes it practical for carrying around and could aid you in time of difficulties when mother nature unleashes her wrath. 

Just when I thought I was done with unwrapping the gifts, a pile of samples flooded and broke free from the wrapping papers. Let me tell you something, even eBay sellers are really frugal with samples and the max. I've ever gotten was around 4. But the scene that was right in front of me contains over 15+ samples. Seriously, is June secretly not Miss Santa in disguise? If she is, then that would mean I have been a good girl last year, haha. 

With this post I would really like to show my gratitude and thank June for being an awesome blogger & blogger friend! ♡ (^ε^*) I'm super duper happy with the gifts and the letter she wrote to me really confirms how cute and squishy June is! To June: If you read this, I hope there's a chance for us to meet and hang out together. Stay marvelous and give Happy a big hug from moi! (づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ Much love. x

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